Thresher Boats located in Oceanside, CA is a locally owned and operated family business established in 2014 by Brandon and Richard Wesselink after years of research and development.

As avid fishermen and boaters, both Brandon and Rick thought there had to be a better way for private boaters/fishermen to get a good quality fishing boat at a reasonable price.


With Brandon’s passion and knowledge for what the local fisherman/market demands and Rick’s knowledge, background and connections in boat/yacht building from past companies (such as Ranger Boats and Ameriship), the dots were connected.


In 2015 the youngest of the Wesselink clan, Patrick “PJ” Wesselink, joined the team as a partner and Chief Operating Officer bringing with him his expertise in mechanical engineering and warehouse management skills.


    Thresher Boats newest model, the “Thresher 25CC’s”, hulls/decks are manufactured in our Ensenada, Mexico facility to the highest standards. Thresher Boats utilizes the best manufacturing materials / practices and follows the industry standards set by ABYC to provide quality boats to last a lifetime! Taking the building process one step further, all Thresher Boat models are then NMMA Certified confirming the build to the highest standards.


    Once our hulls/decks are received, we custom outfit and install all the components, outboard motors, steering and electrical work at our Oceanside, CA facility by our highly trained technicians. Our boats are individually custom rigged to fit your needs…not the other way around! As the manufacturer and dealer, Thresher Boats is able to eliminate the middle man and deliver our exceptional product straight to you (the consumer) at a very fair price!!!







    “Its been almost a year now since I bought a new 21; Thresher Boat CC from you guys. I LOVE THIS BOAT! Out of all the boats I have owned over the years, this is the boat that has nailed it. I just could not be happier. This thing is fast! And it’s so economical on the gas, which I no longer have to figure out who I can round up to share the gas bill with while fishing. I go to the same tuna spots as the other guys, and catch my share of tuna, just like the other guys…. But I spend 1/3rd of the gas that they do. And because of the hull design, it slices through the water with a dry ride and clings to the side of swells like if it had 4 wheel drive. The thing I think I like most though is just how great this boat looks. She is sexy. I have never taken her out without people complimenting me on how nice she looks. I want to compliment you for the outstanding customer service too. Every time I called with a question, or to add some new bells and whistles over the months, you guys were helpful, knowledgeable and fast. Thanks again!”

    ~ Nick Pauls

    “I bought a 2015 21 ft thresher boat in November, and Im very satisfied with my purchase. I got the Mercury 115 HP Command Thrust Outboard and love this motor as it sips gasoline all day. Went lobster fishing for 10 hours and only spent $11.00 in gas. The fish finder and the built in bait tank are awesome (keeps fish fresh all day long). Also, the color blue looks great. Besides fishing, I take the boat out to the harbor with my wife and nieces/nephews on Sundays and they all love it.”

    ~ Johnson Orwell
    Chula Vista

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